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Why Translating Your Website Generates More Leads

Date: 17th November 2021

Author: Julia Nasri

This isnโ€™t the days of old. Gone are the days (mostly) of ordering the things we want out of a catalog. Even shopping in person has taken a backseat to everyoneโ€™s favorite quarantine habit, online shopping. Migrating online during the pandemic changed a lot of our daily lives, especially the way we shop. In the last two years, people have been forced to swap grocery shopping for contactless delivery and dinners in restaurants for Talabat. Though this makes some sad, many people donโ€™t want to go back to pre-pandemic shopping.

With websites like Amazon and Noon bringing your one-click purchase to your door in less than 48 hours, our online shopping habits have become even more impulsive, but also more calculated. Such a surge of selection for a certain vacuum or pair of shoes means people are shopping from stores and suppliers from all over the world, and they might not even know it. Why? Because suppliers understand the importance of translating product descriptions.

And theyโ€™re not the only ones. Small business owners who have moved their commerce online have survived the pandemic and have seen unexpected trends in purchasing since the forced strategy change. The change is not just in online stores, but also through platforms like Instagram. Retailers, influencers, and service providers are investing in the necessary tools to create a larger presence online.

How can one do that? How can Amazon sellers rank in the top over hundreds of competitor brands? How can small businesses raise their search position on google? Our two friends, keywords and SEO. You have to know what your clients are looking for, what words they google to find it, and inject those words into your site through different pages and blog posts. If you client wants fluffy towels, make sure words like fluffy, soft, and cozy are all over the product description page to bring clients to your site.

And if you want to target a larger pool of clients, then you translate those keywords, product descriptions, and webpages. Soft and fluffy are far from the French moelleux and duveteux, so if you translate the product description, potential clients in French speaking countries would find your product too. More traffic to your website will also boost search rank, so engagement will build more engagement.

But this just isnโ€™t about search results, itโ€™s also about building trust with clients. According to a study by CSA Research, 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy a product if they can read the description in their native language. Also, the study found that 40% of shoppers NEVER buy products from online stores that they canโ€™t read. Imagine making 100 sales to 100 clients, knowing that there were about 40 more people who would gladly also buy from you if you were able to cater to their language needs. A new, more open brand image could be the spark that lights sales up unlike ever before, and all it takes is a good translation from a trusted translation company. Idiomatic Translations Dubai has more than 25 years of experience translating in more than 100 languages. Our ISO certification also ensures for high-quality translation that will help your website be seen by more potential clients. Click here to get a quote and learn how to bring your website to the world.