Getting Married in Dubai and the Translation Requirements

Date: 25th of August, 2023

Author: Megha Grover

Sailing Smoothly Through Paperwork: Your Guide to Marriage in the UAE

A wedding is a celebration of love, a joyful union where two hearts intertwine in commitment. Whether it's a grand religious ceremony or a quiet courthouse affair, the road to matrimony involves careful planning, and yes, a bit of paperwork. Let's unravel the details to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.

In the UAE, paperwork is the compass that guides your marital journey. Understanding the essential documents is key to ensuring a seamless wedding experience. Along with mutual consent, residency in the UAE is required for one or both parties. Additionally, a positive pre-marital screening certificate from a public healthcare facility is mandatory.

For Those Following the Muslim Tradition

Muslim marriages in the UAE hold deep cultural significance. The marriage contract must be registered in a Sharia court, a solemn ceremony led by a Mazoonโ€”an authorized marriage official. The couple's presence is essential, and the bride's father or guardian must also be there to grant consent. If circumstances prevent the father's attendance, the closest male guardian steps in. Special cases, such as Muslim brides with non-Muslim fathers, require a 'No Objection' letter from the embassy. Divorced or widowed women need to provide supporting documentation.

A Different Path for Non-Muslim Unions

Non-Muslim weddings follow a distinct path. The specifics depend on your home country's embassy or consulate guidelines in the UAE or the regulations of your religious institution. Some countries mandate filing an intent-to-marry application at their UAE embassy. It's recommended to liaise with your embassy for accurate information.

Nailing the Process and Sworn Translations

Irrespective of the type of marriage, the paperwork journey involves a series of steps. The 'No Objection' letter, crucial for non-Muslim brides, must go through a meticulous processโ€”stamping by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, translation by a certified Arabic translator, and certification by the Ministry of Justice. Similar steps apply to proxy letters, death certificates, and proofs of divorce or widowhood. While some steps are conveniently done online, others require in-person attention. Consulting your embassy, consulate, or local courts is advised.

Cheers to Celebrations

Once the paperwork is a thing of the past, it's time to revel in the joy of your union. Post the official marriage, the Arabic marriage certificate needs translation. This translation, often necessary for embassy submission, must be certified for authenticity. Enter Idiomatic Dubaiโ€”a partner dedicated to smoothing your journey. Our skilled sworn translators cover a multitude of languages, ensuring your translations are flawless.

Simplify Your Journey with Idiomatic Dubai

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