Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. All translations and services offered by Idiomatic Translations FZE are determined by the following general Conditions of sale and provision of services. The client accepts the conditions automatically on acceptance of a quotation.

  2. Prices do not include tax where applicable.

  3. Fees are periodically revised.

  4. Delivery expenses of translated documents incurred through the use of means other than email will be charged to the client.

  5. Services provided by Idiomatic will be paid for within a period no longer than 30 days from the moment the delivery is made.

  6. The client will notify of any change in the material to be translated as soon as possible. If necessary, the company will make an adjustment to the quotation and delivery date.

  7. In the event that the client makes changes to the original order, that is to say, if texts, graphs, etc. are added, omitted, updated or changed, or if the client does not provide all the information required for the satisfactory completion of the quoted projects, the agreed delivery date may be modified. Idiomatic shall in no event be held responsible for the delay and /or damage of any type (including financial) caused by such circumstances.

  8. Whenever possible the client will have the documents to be translated delivered to the company by email or FTP.

  9. Idiomatic will not correct mistakes or omissions in the original document, although we will always try to inform the client in such circumstances.

  10. New clients are required to pay 50% of the total amount in advance and the remaining 50% within a period of 30 days after delivery of the order.

  11. Payment will be made in the local currency by means of a bank transfer. Banks charges will be met by the client.

  12. Under no circumstances shall Idiomatic Translations FZE nor any of the Idiomatic Companies be held responsible for the content of the translated documents. Points of view and opinions expressed remain solely the responsibility of the client and in no way reflect the general conduct of our company. Idiomatic Translations FZE reserves the right to accept or refuse to translate documents whose content may be classified as offensive, defamatory, obscene, which goes against the law or which the company considers inappropriate.

  13. The customer is responsible for the legitimate propriety of the content of the documents to translate.

  14. The type of work carried out and all the information the client supplies to Idiomatic Translations FZE will be of a confidential nature. Idiomatic Translations FZE will neither divulge nor reveal information to third parties without previous authorization. Only employees or subcontractors authorized by Idiomatic Translations FZE will have access to such material in order to carry out their work. The principles detailed in this paragraph shall not be applied in cases whereby the law demands that Idiomatic Language Services reveal this information or when such information becomes public. Our Data Protection Policy can be consulted at Data Protection.

  15. Once 30 days have passed since delivery of a translation or provision of a service, the client loses the right to submit a claim against Idiomatic Translations FZE, who will take no commercial, civil or legal responsibility.

  16. The client has the responsibility to deliver clear documents, of acceptable linguistic quality and easily legible in terms of both content and format. In order that we can adapt the translation to terms specific to your company, we ask that you facilitate the terminology corresponding to the subject in question. Any documents related to the matter can be useful to us.

  17. Idiomatic Translations FZE is committed to carrying out all the services it offers conscientiously and willingly, guaranteeing maximum quality. In the event of claims made owing to translation error or delayed delivery, the client has the right to claim providing such a claim is made within 14 clear days from the delivery date. Claims should always be based on demonstrable judgements and opinions.

  18. Estimates are valid for one month only.

  19. Any controversy or dispute that may arise because of the interpretation or execution of the present agreement will be subject to the courts of Dubai and the legislation and laws governed under the United Arab Emirates.