French Translation

French has been a global language for centuries. 29 different countries worldwide use French as an official language, with nearly 275 million total French speakers worldwide. French is widely spoken across Africa, often used as the language for official documentation and education. In North Africa, French is used alongside Arabic as an important language of government.

Because French is so widely spoken, translating documents and business materials into French could open clients up to a whole new market. Especially in the emerging economics of Africa, French is the key to facilitating business deals. Advertising, official documents, legal documents, medical documents, industrial documents, market research, or technical documents are just some examples of the different projects our translators have worked on involving the French language.

Our experienced translators can translate documents that are in French to many different languages and vice-versa. Whatever your French language needs, know that Idiomatic Translations Dubai can provide you with a fast, affordable, and high-quality translation.